About Us
Phoenix exports started Kerala in India in January 2010.the owner of Phoenix exports is Sankar Das who believes in bringing change in the world through business. He mainly wants the world to change through money in a very positive manner. One world economy and one world peace is our motto. Anybody can make enough money and be happy.
We are one of the few exporters Kerala taking up almost 15 products at time. This is the biggest venture in exports so far In Kerala where traditionally people export only coir, spices etc.
We want our state known as god’s own country Kerala to develop and be known as to the world. Also that our country India progresses. We also plan to import good from other country in future. Which will help other country’s goods to come to Indian market at low rates?

Right from our inspection we plan to give 30 percent of our good s to charity to African countries. This is an exceptional case in almost exporters in the world to offer 30  percent free goods to African countries. We believe in god and therefore want his blessings to cover the entire world and remove the miseries in the world.

Spirituality and God
We are firm believers of god great masters of the world have come for world peace. World is not going to come to an end everybody is going to heaven. The next avatar told by all religious scriptures, like Quran, kalki puran, bible is going to come so we all have to wait with karmas or actions and with prayers. We have to help people come out of their miseries and make them happy. The common enemy in the world is poverty, addiction, violence, war, hatred among people .this is simply possible by ones own religion
India mother of all religions
India hs a huge culture of almost 5000 years and more we are all part of that India is always welcoming all the traditions of the world and India has solutions to all the problems of the world through peace and non violence mahatma Gandhi our father of nation has showed us the way through his life

Our business firm believes in honesty and we sincerely tell all of our clients that we are one family . A smile on your face is what we really want we are ready to give you any reduction to establish good relation with our country India. Actually its miracle of miracles that India is a treasure land and very few people have discovered it in 2010.

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