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What is Plywood?

Plywood is a manufactured wood, made by gluing together a number of thin veneers or plies of softwood or hardwood. It is used mostly in commercial sites, purely because it is a strong durable substance. A common reason for using plywood instead of plain wood is its resistance to cracking, shrinkage, twisting/warping, and its general high degree of strength. Also, plywood can be manufactured in sheets far wider than the trees from which it was made. It has replaced many dimensional lumbers on construction applications for these reasons

What are the uses of plywood?

1. Plywood is better used for roofing than OSB (Oriented Strand Board) because OSB, once it gets wet, tends to turn to mush.
2. Plywood may be reused by drying out the board and repairing the torn piece of roofing material or replacing missing shingles.
3. OSB, although it makes good use of forest wood products, is better placed where it will stay dry, such as floors covered with plastic, terra cotta or ceramic tile.
4.main advantage of plywood is that by gluing together an odd number of plies of veneer , a material that is lightweight and workable ,yet strong and rigid  can be obtained
5.plywood can also be cut to exact sizes and produced in large panels for ease of application, strength and smooth surfaces .it shrinks and swells less than ordinary wood , and has greater resistance to splitting at the ends . this permits carpenters to fasten plywood sheets with nails or screws close to the edges . Ply wood sheets with nails or screws close to the edges
Why india for plywoods?
There are many plywood manufacturing units in india which makes india a good supplier of plywoods for the various uses and phoenix exports is ready to supply any plywood material from kerala

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