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What is rubber?

Natural rubber is an elastomer (an elastic hydrocarbon polymer) that was originally derived from latex, a milky colloid found in the sap of some plants. The plants would be ‘tapped’, that is, an incision made into the bark of the tree and the latex sap collected and refined into a usable rubber. The purified form of natural rubber is the chemical polyisoprene, which can also be produced synthetically. Natural rubber is used extensively in many applications and products, as is synthetic rubber.

Why Indian rubber?

Indian rubber is cheapest in the world. And there is large cultivation of rubber trees in India. The climate in india is suitable for rubber cultivation. The products of rubber from India speaks for itself.

What are the uses of rubber?

From clothing to transportation, rubber is a material that is present in every day life. Because of its flexibility, manufacturers rely on it to create products that require a range of motion as well as durability. There are hundreds of thousands of items that we use that contain rubber.

All of the following products use rubber latex in their manufacturing:
Glues and adhesives, art supplies, tires, audio and video equipment, balloons, pen, toy balls, bath mats, bungee cords, books, carpets, gum, contraceptives, cosmetics, wires, erasers, envelopes, food storage bags, shoes, hoses, gaskets, handles, insulation, mouse pads, packaging, spatulas, sponges, stretch fabric, tools, toothbrushes, and many more.

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