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Sandal Wood

Sandal wood and Indian sandal wood
Sandalwood can be considered as the king in the category of fragrant woods. The sandalwood is predominantly found in the Asian countries of Sri Lanka, India, Hawaii, and also the Australian islands and south pacific islands.
The smooth scent of sandalwood soothes your senses and the beautiful architecture beautifies your home.
Besides being the ubiquitous herbal beauty product and an indispensable item used during the religious rituals, the sandalwood is also a popular decorative tool. Kerala is a repository of this fascinating handicraft. The temples of Kerala are a treasure trove of sandalwood art with intricately carved pillars, beams, door frames.

The genuine sandalwoods are medium-sized hemiparasitic trees of the genus Santalum. The most notable members of this group are Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) and Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum)

Adulteration of Sandalwood Oil: Sandalwood oil is one of the most-often adulterated of oils. This is due to the high demand, the high price and the scarcity of the real product.

Aromatherapy Use: Sandalwood oil has a long history of use as a traditional medicine. It is part of traditional medical systems such as Chinese medicine and the Indian healing science known as Ayurveda. Sandalwood is used widely and effectively in skin care, being useful for dry, cracked and chapped skin, rashes and acne. It is suitable for all skin types and is non toxic.

Use in Perfumery: Sandalwood oil is used extensively in natural perfumery as a harmonizing agent, base note and fixative. It helps to bring together other oils and adds a graceful aroma without taking away or overpowering other oils.

Spiritual Use: Sandalwood is used in many different ways in the spiritual traditions of the East. It is considered beneficial for meditation and for calming and focusing the mind.

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